Iron Fist Fights For Peace In All-New Trailer For Season 2


It’s a post-Defenders world for Iron Fist, but Danny Rand isn’t about to pull any punches, as evidenced by today’s blistering new trailer for season 2.

Arriving in anticipation of the show’s return on September 7th, here we see Finn Jones’ street-level hero still adjusting to his newfound abilities – ironically, this two-minute sizzle reel finds Danny questioning his fate, whereas season 1 was all about the cocksure lead declaring that he is, in fact, the Immortal Iron Fist. But people change, and so too does Hell’s Kitchen.

For next month’s 10-episode stint, Iron Fist will be placed on a collision course with Davos, the mystery villain played by Sacha Dhawan. The two characters have a long and chequered history together, so their reunion will no doubt stir some drama in three weeks’ time. Also returning for season 2 are the Daughters of the Dragon, Colleen Wing and the now semi-bionic Misty Knight (Luke Cage), who lost an arm during her nasty encounter with the Hand in The Defenders.

Could this signal a full-blown spinoff for the Daughters of the Dragon? Who knows, but it’s worth keeping in mind that Luke Cage‘s second season played on the idea of forming Heroes for Hire, the double act best known for uniting Cage and Danny Rand, two characters capable of extraordinary acts of strength. Alas, we won’t be seeing Power Man swing by for a cameo next month.

Promising a flurry of fists, friendship and well-choreographed fight scenes, all 10 episodes of Iron Fist season 2 drop via Netflix on September 7th, and all signs point to a marked improvement over the original installment. Now all we need is for Daredevil season 3 to premiere before the year’s end to complete Marvel’s quartet.