New Iron Fist Season 2 Promo Sees Davos Unleash His Powers


Though Iron Fist season 2 looks to be much different in terms of style and quality, it’ll still pick up some plot threads from the disappointing debut season of the Marvel/Netflix show. Chief among them’s the growing rivalry between Finn Jones’ Danny Rand and his former K’un-Lun resident and old bestie, Davos (as played by Sacha Dhawan).

As established in season 1, Davos and Danny were both up for the job of being appointed the immortal Iron Fist, the protector of their mystical home world granted the mighty power of possessing a glowing hand that lets them punch through just about anything. Obviously, Davos lost out and traveled to New York to challenge Danny, believing he wasn’t worthy of being the Iron Fist.

In season 2, we expect Davos to have turned to the dark side in order to get what he wants. And this new promo up above gives us our first bit of evidence that Rand’s rival will get his own version of Danny’s powers. It premiered on Twitter along with the tagline, “I have become the thing you never had the strength to be,” and ends with Dhawan’s character revealing his fist glowing red.

As comic book readers will know, Davos is the supervillain Steel Serpent in the pages of Marvel comics. We’re pretty sure that he’ll adopt this identity over season 2 as well, as that title’s been teased since Daredevil season 1, which saw Hand leader Madame Gao selling heroin with the Serpent’s logo on the packet.

All in all, Davos’ transformation looks to be just one part of a very fan-pleasing season, as a recent trailer promised that Danny will wear his classic yellow mask and Alice Eve is also on board as comic book villain Typhoid Mary. Here’s hoping the revamp Luke Cage season 2 gave the title character lasts and Iron Fist‘s sophomore run will pack double the punch.