Iron Fist Set Photos Offer Up A First Look At Jessica Henwick As Colleen Wing


A first look at Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist is expected to be with us by the time the New York Comic-Con rolls around next month, but some new set photos have surfaced today offering up a look at Game of Thrones alum Jessica Henwick as Danny Rand’s (Finn Jones) love interest and bad ass ally, Colleen Wing.

In the comic books, the character is a big part of Iron Fist’s story and would later go on to have her own adventures alongside Misty Knight (who is set to be introduced in Luke Cage later this month) as a Hero for Hire. As of right now, her role in this show remains a mystery, but these images definitely point to her and Danny growing close.

We also get to see Colleen going to war with an unknown foe in what looks set to be an epic sword battle. Iron Fist’s martial arts background should mean we get a very different style of action to shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and this is certainly a nice taste of that. With any luck, more about what to expect from the series will be revealed next month.

For now though, we have Luke Cage to look forward to, and if that follows the same route as Daredevil season two, we could get a teaser for Iron Fist sooner than expected. Fingers crossed, eh?

The photos are copyrighted, but you can check them out courtesy of Getty Images by clicking here.

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