Iron Fist Set Pics Provide First Look At Jessica Stroup As Joy Meachum

Last night we got our first glimpse of Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones as Danny Rand as Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist commenced production on the streets of New York, but now a new batch of snaps courtesy of Just Jared give us a much better look at the rather dishevelled future crime-fighter. Plus, we get to see former 90210 actress Jessica Stroup, who was recently announced as joining the cast in the role of Rand’s childhood pal, Joy Meachum.

We also have some details on the scene that was being filmed. Apparently, Rand spots Joy leaving her apartment and runs across the street to greet her. Joy is visibly shocked to see her old friend after so many years, but reports indicate she’s not necessarily pleasantly surprised by his return.

In the comics, Joy winds up believing that Danny is responsible for her father’s death, and teams up with her Uncle (make that brother for the purposes of this series) Ward to take him down – so it’ll be interesting to see if the show follows suit.

Iron Fist is expected to premiere sometime in 2017.

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