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Is Brie Larson going to appear in ‘Ms. Marvel’?

Could she blast her way onto the Disney Plus series?

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
Photo via Marvel Studios

The following article contains spoilers for the first episode of Ms. Marvel.

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Ms. Marvel has finally premiered on Disney Plus, and it is everything the trailers promised it would be. The series focuses on teenager Kamala Khan, who is played by Iman Vellani, as she gains powers and becomes the superhero known as Ms. Marvel. 

One particular element of the character that shines in the television series is Kamala’s love of the Avengers. In the first episode of Ms. Marvel, Kamala makes fan videos of the Avengers, with a particular focus on her favorite Avenger, Captain Marvel. Kamala even cosplays as Captain Marvel when she attends AvengersCon later in the episode. With Captain Marvel being such an inspiration for Kamala, will Carol Danvers appear in the series?

Is Brie Larson going to be in Ms. Marvel?

Image via Disney

It is not yet confirmed whether or not Brie Larson will reprise her role as Carol Danvers in Ms. Marvel, but it would be unfortunate if she didn’t. After all, Iman Vellani is set to star in the film, The Marvels alongside Brie Larson, where the two will be reprising their Marvel roles. It would therefore make sense for Captain Marvel to bridge the gap between the two projects. The Marvels is set to release on July 28, 2023, with Teyonah Parris reprising her role from Wandavision, as Monica Rambeau. Kamala’s mother, father, and brother from Ms. Marvel are also set to be in the film. 

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its cameos and cross-pollination of superheroes, it seems to be a major problem that all of the Marvel Disney Plus series lack the biggest names in the franchise. All the shows so far have their titular characters in them and that’s about it when it comes to the MCU’s a-list superheroes.

Fans speculated that Captain Marvel would appear in Wandavision to talk to Monica Rambeau. We also hoped that Spider-Man would swing by in the last episode of Hawkeye. And while those characters not making an appearance did not ruin the shows by any means, it remains a stark reminder of the difference between the movies in the MCU and the Disney Plus series. 

Let’s hope that Captain Marvel appears in Ms. Marvel, even if it is just in a post-credits scene. After all, it would certainly disappoint Marvel fans everywhere if she didn’t make an appearance, and we know that Kamala would be disappointed as well. 

Ms. Marvel will last for six episodes with new episodes releasing on Wednesdays on Disney Plus.