Is hit show ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ nearing an end?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

With the iconic show now in its 15th season, many are wondering if It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will soon come to an end.

In a recent interview with Forbes, iconic actor Danny Devito was asked if the series had an idea when its last season would be.

“No, you don’t want to do that because we all like to work. We all get a kick out of doing it. As long as everybody seems healthy and happy, we’ll do the show.”

This is very welcome news to a lot of die-hard fans who have been loyal to the series for years. Devito also had some comments for those long-time supporters.

“I just think that they’re an inspiration. I thank them for being with us and being so responding. We’re going to have so much more fun and keep pushing the envelope. The more they respond to it in that way, the more it encourages us for our bad behavior. I never get tired of going to work. I love it.”

From the sounds of his comments, it seems like the newest season will be bigger than ever.

Devito then went on to share the exciting plans he has for the future with the film Triplets, announcing that they are planning to begin filming sometime in February of 2022. The sequel to the iconic 1988 movie Twins, will be highly anticipated by fans who are looking forward to seeing Devito team up again with bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will star alongside him.

The sequel will have the same feel as the first movie with Ivan Reitman reprising his role as director. The sequel has also confirmed the casting of comedian Tracy Morgan, who is best known for his roles starring in 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live.

The first two episodes of the 15th season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will premiere on Dec. 1 on FXX and is available to stream the next day at FX on Hulu.

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