Is Jennifer Landon’s Teeter leaving ‘Yellowstone?’

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Yellowstone fans are always ready for cowboys, rodeo, drama, excellent one-liners, and the talented — and at times, too attractive — ranchhands that reside at the Yellowstone Dutton ranch. The scenery is always stunning, the storyline is multifaceted, and there are always mountains to climb and horses to ride.

Another thing Yellowstone fans know is imminent is for that fight to get physical, and we’ve seen many a brawl already this season. Tensions have been boiling since the addition of women, Teeter, Mia, and Laramie to the bunkhouse in season 3, and as relationships formed, grew, and changed, the existing ranchhands could feel a shift in the air.

One shift happened between Lloyd and Walker, who some fans believe should have been taken to the train station episodes ago. Lloyd is a beloved member of the Dutton Ranch, and fans adore the character. Walker, however, hasn’t been as easy for fans to fall in love with. Of course, John Dutton has his hand in everything that happens at the ranch, so there’s a reason he’s still around — but fans are running out of patience waiting to see what it is.

With last night’s episode and the latest blow-up between Lloyd and Walker, lines are drawn in the sand. The women are forced to leave the bunkhouse, so what does that mean for everyone’s favorite snarky character Teeter?

Jen Landon, who plays Teeter, spoke with Decider in 2020 about the backstory she has in her head for the character. That backstory shows that she’s not here to play games; she’s found what she’s been searching for, and it won’t be easy to take that away from her.

“One of the backstories that I’ve always had in my head for Teeter is that she was raised by her father and had three or four older brothers. For various reasons, that family fell apart. Since then she’s been looking for a home, and she found it with them.” 

Finding that family means the decision in episode 6 of season 4 isn’t going to be one that Teeter takes lying down. Getting kicked out of the bunkhouse and the ranch isn’t something she’s okay with, especially since she’s not been at the center of any of the drama. Rip, John’s right-hand man even stood up for Teeter saying she’s a good hand who hasn’t been any trouble.

However, John wasn’t in a position to hear that.

When Teeter was handed her severance check, she threw it down and stormed away — and fans are thinking she’s not going down without a fight.

Fans also note that Teeter wears the brand, and that’s not a bond that breaks — it’s a show of loyalty. The brand is almost sacred on the ranch, and maybe that’s gearing us up for a showdown between Teeter and John.

This fan is prepared to say goodbye to another character on the show, but not Teeter.

We have a feeling we’ve not yet seen the last of Teeter. What do you think of John’s decision on the latest episode of Yellowstone? Let’s talk about it.