Is Metallic Cat in Yellowstone a real horse? Does anyone own it?

Image via Paramount Network

Yellowstone’s fourth season is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t stop the incredible storyline, beautiful settings, and even more stunning horses and other livestock from stealing the attention of every viewer on Sunday evenings. With only one episode left before fans are scratching their heads on Sunday nights, wondering what to do next, we’re examining our favorite parts of season 4 and rewatching the series from episode one.

Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone’s creator, knows a lot about life on the ranch, and he brings that authenticity to viewers of the show. Growing up in Texas, ranching is second nature to Sheridan, who began working at a cattle farm when he was 14 years old. He is comfortable with the livestock, the way of life on the ranch, and what it means to work hard. Sheridan also owns and operates two ranches now and went in as a collective group of buyers to purchase the 6666 Ranch in Texas, which has also been featured on Yellowstone.

From real ranches and ranchhands to legends in the community, Sheridan highlights real cowboys and working horses alongside the drama and romance happening on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In season 4, fans have seen everything from the Texas side of ranching to guest stars like Barry Corbin and Buster Welch alongside a remarkable horse who appeared in episode 9.

Who is Metallic Cat?

Metallic Cat, a beautiful and legendary horse from the Rocking P Ranch, was part of a scene where Jimmy attends a cutting horse event. Quarter Horse News reports that Metallic Cat’s owners won rights for their renowned horse to be part of the Yellowstone series, with proceeds going towards the NCHA Chаrities Foundаtion. The episode was filmed at the John Justin Arena.

Born in 2005, Metallic Cat is a beautiful and mighty horse — you can sit in awe just looking at him. In fact, some fans on Twitter mentioned everything from their surprise at Yellowstone getting Metallic Cat on the series to the fact that the horse stole the show!

Who owns Metallic Cat?

Robert “Bobby” Patton Jr. of Rocking P Ranch is listed as the owner of Metallic Cat. As his bio on the Stallion Register Directory shows, he exceeds the expectations of his owners, and his offspring follow suit. A blurb showcasing the talents of Metallic Cat’s offspring is incredible.

“His offspring are carrying on Denver’s great attributes and proving his versatility in so many disciplines beyond cutting, including reined cow horse, reining, barrel racing, halter, ranch horse ,and roping.”

You can see Yellowstone on the Paramount network Sundays at 8pm, with the season four finale airing on Jan 2.