Is ‘The Last of Us’ releasing weekly?

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us
Image via HBO

It’s not surprising at all that viewers are already excited about the first season of The Last of Us. The 2023 show is a post-apocalyptic drama about Joel, who must shepherd the young Ellie to safety. Joel and Ellie must survive in a deadly world filled with ruthless monsters who have an unquenchable thirst for blood. The question on everyone’s mind is whether episodes of The Last of Us will be released piecemeal, or will we get the whole season dropped all at once?

Are new episodes of The Last of Us being released weekly?

Since The Last of Us is premiering on HBO Go and HBO Max, it’s not following the same model that Netflix tends to follow. Netflix subscribers know full well that brand-new seasons of shows are dropped in complete batches for viewers to binge-watch in one sitting. HBO isn’t interested in that type of entertainment dynamic, though.

Instead, fans of The Last of Us will have to wait for each new week in order to see brand-new episodes. The first episode premieres on Jan. 15, 2023. There are nine episodes in total and each one will air on Sundays between the premiere date and the finale on March 12, 2023, this means that there will be a lot of hype and excitement surrounding Sundays thanks to this intriguing new show.

What is The Last of Us about?

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The Last of Us is a show inspired by a video game of the same name. The original game came out in 2013, and fans of the game will be delighted that the show is incredibly similar. Show creator Craig Mazin enlisted the help of The Last of Us game creator Neil Druckmann to achieve the look and tone of the show.

In constant fear for their lives, Joel and Ellie spend their time in hiding, fighting zombie-like creatures.

The zombies were humans who were infected by Cordyceps fungi, an actual fungus which in real life is known for its health benefits. In the HBO Max horror series, however, anyone infected by the fungal outbreak that swept the United States turned into a flesh-eating hunter. The Last of Us picks up 20 years after the first outbreak of the fungal virus, to show its devastating affects on mankind and the horrifying living conditions of its survivors.