iZombie Season 3 Promo Finally Arrives


Having been almost a year since season 2 of iZombie concluded in dramatic fashion, fans of the show have had little to go on in the time since, save for maybe a teaser image here or there. Thankfully, The CW finally threw us a bone in the form of a ten second teaser, which can be viewed at the top.

Okay, ten seconds isn’t exactly much, but after enduring an eleven month drought, you have to admit the brief snippets of footage provide us as much nourishment as a gourmet brain dish would to Liv. On the plus side, they remind us of the new status quo that sees a zombie new world order on the rise, along with the possibility of the general public learning the undead walk among them. Given that they’ve lived in secret the past two years, stepping into the light would undoubtedly shift the series’ paradigm. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt if that cat gets let out of the bag by the time the season finale airs.

Knowing that we have less than a month before the season premiere arrives, it’s fully expected that the network will drop a meatier trailer very shortly that would be at least 30-40 seconds in length. Sure, one of those two or three minute long theatrical style trailers they use to hype a new season of Arrow or The Flash would be mighty fine, but I guess we’ll take what we can get.

iZombie makes its return on Tuesday, April 4 on The CW.