iZombie Cast Come Together For First Season 3 Promo Image


Is it just me or has it felt like an eternity has passed since the finale of iZombie’s second season aired? Well, odds are that many others share this sentiment because the third season is set to commence on Tuesday, April 4, nearly a year after things left off.

Knowing that the premiere is rapidly approaching, The CW has opted to get the show back into the public’s consciousness by releasing the first of what will be undoubtedly several promo shots. Interestingly enough, this particular offering shows the cast in a rather jovial mood and more comparable in appearance to their everyday selves as opposed to their onscreen alter egos. Case in point, lead actress Rose McIver is looking much more lively than she would while inhabiting the the role of Liv Moore.

One could say circulating this piece on social media is a wise decision because while the 9 pm EST time slot is the usual home for the series, it was only recently revealed that the third season premiere would not, in fact, occupy a two-hour programming block as originally scheduled. Therefore, it’s quite important that everyone be brought up to speed.

As of now, not much is known as to what season 3 will encompass, but it’s been established that a new format will debut, seeing Liv and Clive bust the bad guys in one episode before Peyton tries them in court in the next. But getting back to Liv and Clive, actor Malcolm Goodwin had this to say to DC Comics News last year about how their dynamic may change going forward:

“You know, I think it’s gonna be interesting. It’s definitely gonna change because Clive gave up a lot once he learned her secret in terms of his relationship with Dale Bozzio, his career. He was doing well, had a chance to become an FBI agent. He had a bad reputation at the police force – it’s going to be even worse.

“I think he didn’t have an opportunity to really process what happened. Literally, he gets pulled into the zombie apocalypse. So there’s A LOT to process.”

Tell us, what element of the show has you most excited for the third season of iZombie? Sound off in the usual place below!

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