James Gunn is down to make ‘Peacemaker’ until he and John Cena are ‘150 years old’

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DC’s Peacemaker may be just days away from premiering its first season on HBO Max, but showrunner James Gunn is already expressing his desire for making a second season.

The show is a spinoff of Gunn’s excellent The Suicide Squad and follows the continued adventures of John Cena’s Christopher Smith, AKA Peacemaker, a character notorious for his willingness to mow down any man, woman, or child who gets in the way of achieving his mission of bringing “peace” to the world.

Though we won’t know how the spinoff will resonate with fans and critics and whether HBO Max will pick it up for a follow-up season, Gunn said he’s already down to make a follow-up season, and maybe more, he told ScreenRant.

“We have 87 seasons mapped out (laughs). Yeah, we’re gonna be doing this until John [Cena] and I are 150 years old,” Gunn joked.

However, he reiterated all involved in the show “really want to continue,” adding that they were “the greatest group of people” to work with.

“Obviously, I was already friends with John and Jenn [Holland], obviously, and Steve Agee. But, Danielle [Brooks] and Chuk [Iwuji] — [Chuk] is one of my best friends.”

Gunn said Iwuji would also be playing a primary role in the upcoming Marvel sequel helmed by the director, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, adding the actor is “murdering it on this movie.”

“So, it was just, really, a great group of people, and I can’t wait to work with them again,” Gunn said.

We’ll have to see if audiences and critics will also demand more from the mayhem-filled world of Task Force X when Peacemaker comes to HBO Max on Jan. 13, featuring its first three episodes.

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