James Gunn refused to let critics see the final ‘Peacemaker’ episode

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The internet age has made it more difficult than ever for filmmakers and studios to keep spoilers under wraps, and you don’t have to look much further than last month’s Spider-Man: No Way Home for proof of that.

We were bombarded by rumors, speculation, leaks, potential guest appearances, and much more besides relating to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s multiversal blockbuster ahead of its release, and a huge volume of the information turned out to be right on the money. With that in mind, you completely understand why James Gunn flatly refused to let critics see the eighth and final episode of Peacemaker.

Ahead of the HBO Max show’s release, screeners containing the opening seven installments were sent out for review, and Gunn explained to Collider why he had no intention of letting anyone outside of the Peacemaker inner circle see how it all ends.

“I wouldn’t let them put out eight. They wanted to put out all eight. I said, “No way. No chance in hell are we putting out all eight.” There’s just too many things happen in episode eight that I just could not let it get out there. It would absolutely be spoiled. You know, I wouldn’t even let them give it to one place or anything like that because it just wasn’t… I didn’t want it to be out there.”

That means we’re in store for a huge finale, then, one that could drop a handful of game-changing surprises and potentially lead directly into the second season we already know Gunn and star John Cena want to make. The best way to avoid spoilers is to give absolutely nothing away, which is a practice that’s much easier said than done.

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