James Gunn responds to plea begging him not to kill anyone in ‘Peacemaker’ finale

The Wildest Episode of Peacemaker is Yet to come.
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This article contains spoilers for Peacemaker

The Peacemaker finale is almost upon us, and as excited as fans are to see how the hit HBO Max series concludes its first season, they’re also terrified there are going to be tears to come before the credits roll. Creator James Gunn is known for injecting his projects with a lot of irreverent comedy, sure, but he likewise takes delight in getting the audience blubbing by killing off a beloved character.

We’ve seen it in The Suicide Squad, both his Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and we’re fully expecting it from the upcoming Guardians Vol. 3. So the odds are that as much as we hate to admit it, not every member of Team Peacemaker is going to make it out of tomorrow’s finale alive. Well, knowing what he’s like, fans have been begging Gunn not to kill anyone off in the episode — and the writer/director has responded. Though, his reply doesn’t exactly reassure us.

After a fan sent him a message reading “please don’t let any of the characters die in the last episode,” Gunn jokingly responded that, whatever happens, it’s too late to change anything now. “This is a little late to be asking considering the season finale of [Peacemaker] airs tomorrow (or if you’re a night owl tonight at midnight PT/3 am ET),” Gunn wrote.

CNN’s Jake Tapper then defended the fan’s point, accusing him of being “quite bloodthirsty.” Gunn replied back with a shrugging emoji flanked by two blood drops.

Spoilers for last week’s Peacemaker episode follow

Gunn can’t deny it. Peacemaker has already killed off a bunch of its supporting cast in previous episodes, including one particularly tragic demise in last week’s penultimate chapter. So there’s arguably been enough death in the show already, which may mean the remaining team members are safe in the finale. Plus, we know that Gunn is hoping to make a second season, which suggests he may want to keep the cast intact.

But you never know what’s coming next in the world of Peacemaker. Don’t miss episode 1×08 “It’s Cow or Never” this Thursday on HBO Max.

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