James Gunn shares dance steps for ‘Peacemaker’ opening

Image via HBO Max/Marvel Studios

One of the many highlights of the HBO MAX series Peacemaker is the fun dance number during the opening title sequence. This is in part due to the high energy of “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” by Wig Wam, which recently topped the iTunes Rock charts, and the hilarious dance moves introducing each character.

For all those fans wanting to join in on the dancing fun, James Gunn just shared a simple graphic that teaches every move to the dance number.

Artist Kadusaurus created the graphic, and in 12 simple steps, you too can deadpan your way through the Wig Wam earworm. Since Peacemaker premiered, fans everywhere have been reacting to how great the intro is.

The catchy nature of the title sequence was no accident. James Gunn said he wanted to make a show that was “a signpost for people that this isn’t just your normal DC or Marvel TV show” and to “vanquish the skip forward button” so people would pay attention to the credits.

On the ridiculous dance moves, Gunn had this to say:

“I really wanted to do a dance number where everybody was doing something incredibly ridiculous, and looked incredibly serious while they were doing it”

Peacemaker unfortunately ended last week, and although season two has been confirmed by HBO, it’s safe to say that fans will have to wait a while since James Gunn is busy with Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Now fans have a way to dance that time away.