James Gunn Shares Inspiration Behind Peacemaker And Eagly’s Relationship

Photo via HBO

John Cena partnering up with a CGI eagle in an R-rated HBO Max series that acts as a continuation of The Suicide Squad, with James Gunn writing the entire run of episodes and directing five of the eight himself, makes Peacemaker one of the most hotly-anticipated comic book adaptations on the horizon.

The weekend’s DC FanDome virtual event saw the release of the first teaser trailer, and it would be fair to say that fans were instantly won over by the footage. Above all else, though, Eagly became an instant internet sensation, so much so that Gunn was forced to correct HBO Max on its spelling of the avian sidekick’s name.

It’s a bizarre aspect of a show that’s guaranteed to have many, but the Twitter-happy filmmaker recently hopped onto social media and revealed where he got his inspiration for the promo’s final moments, which saw Peacemaker giddy at being hugged by his newfound friend.

In less than three months, Peacemaker will explode onto HBO Max and no doubt dominate the online conversation, much like Cena did this summer thanks to his scene-stealing performance in The Suicide Squad. As the DCEU’s first episodic series, it’s virtually guaranteed to get the small screen expansion off to a spectacular and suitably irreverent start.