James Spader Reportedly Returning As Ultron In [SPOILERS]


WandaVision has featured many connections to the wider MCU in its first half so far, with one particular moment making a big impression with fans. Ultron got a rare name-check in the franchise following his single appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Scarlet Witch is reminded how the evil android was responsible for her brother Pietro’s death. Of course, this got folks thinking that the villain could make a comeback on the show.

Sure enough, Small Screen has shared this week that their source tells them that James Spader will be reprising his role as Ultron for an upcoming episode of WandaVision. SS notes that they haven’t worked with this source before, but they apparently provided some evidence to back up their claims and they say Ultron’s resurrection will be all to do with Wanda in a corrupted attempt to bring back Quicksilver.

If fans are wondering if a WV cameo will lead to a bigger comeback for Ultron elsewhere in Phase 4, SS’s source says that they aren’t aware of any further plans for him, but a brief return in the Disney Plus series would certainly be exciting. Especially if it comes with a cameo for Quicksilver – but not the one you’re expecting. You see, apparently when Wanda tries to revive her brother, she accidentally gets Evan Peters’ X-Men version instead.

Likewise, it’s said that Ultron will be “different” in his WandaVision appearance. Exactly what this means isn’t stated, but it’s possible that Wanda is tapping into the multiverse here and so she summons Peters from the Fox universe and an alt-Ultron from somewhere else. Will this Ultron be a good guy, then? It’s certainly possible.