Jason Bateman teases a ‘bittersweet ending’ for ‘Ozark’ on ‘Good Morning America’


Jason Bateman joined Good Morning America to talk about the final episodes of the hit Netflix series Ozark and what fans can anticipate as the episodes wrap up an incredibly twisted and tense storyline.

Ozark has aired for four exciting seasons as the Byrde family found themselves wrapped up in the middle of a money-laundering scheme that goes awry. This leads to the family moving from their safe and familiar lives to the Ozarks, where an even bigger venture threatens everything they’ve ever known.

When Bateman was asked about what he hopes fans will get from the final episodes of Ozark, he focused on appreciation for the brains behind the series.

“I hope they love what this incredible writing staff has done as far as closing up a bunch of loose ends with plot and with characters and ultimately answering the question about ‘Should the Byrdes get away with it or should they not and if they do get away with it, what’s the bil?’ So we tried to create kind of a bittersweet ending, a good ending but with a little bit of with a ‘Well is it a good ending?’ Hopefully, that’s a good tease.”

Bateman says he struggled with the idea of fan love for his character, and he laughed and said that anytime he does something wrong or criminal, he attempts to make himself look a little “dumb.” Bateman says Byrde is a guy who “thinks he’s smarter than he is,” and he uses that to try to garner a little empathy from viewers.

Of course, Robin Roberts showed Bateman’s first visit to Good Morning America, and his reaction to a younger version of himself is insanely relatable.

“It’s so painful to see how douchey one is at a young age, can we say that in the morning?”

Call it confidence, or as Bateman referred to it, being douchey — but he did make a name for himself as an actor, and he has the talent and flair that guarantee a long-running and successful career.

You can see Bateman in the final seven episodes of Ozark beginning April 27, and you can get all caught up on the series now streaming on Netflix.

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