Could Jason Momoa Be Plotting A Game Of Thrones Return?


“Goodbye, Drogo! Goodbye, Arthur Curry!”

That’s Jason Momoa there, shaving his face for the first time since 2012. The former Game of Thrones star (and current Aquaman) uploaded the strangely cinematic video to YouTube, where it has since been viewed almost two million times.

Suffice it to say, the Internet is split over Momoa’s decision to ditch the facial hair (when is it ever in agreement?), though there are those who consider this to be another sure-fire sign that the towering actor is plotting a Game of Thrones comeback in the coming weeks.

Which is surprising, really, because Momoa literally exclaims “goodbye, Drogo!” as he tosses his facial hair to the wind. And though the HBO drama has already wrapped filming, a handful of fans expect Jason Momoa to return as part of some flashback scene before Game of Thrones season 8 is finished.

It’s admittedly a stretch, particularly now that the series is so caught up with the Night King and his journey south. But it would be foolish to rule out some form of flashback scene, given season 8 is said to tie up any loose ends that have been left lingering ever since Game of Thrones hit the stratosphere.

The show itself also proved invaluable for Jason Momoa on a personal level, and helped him land the coveted role of Aquaman in Warner’s DC universe. It’s one he’s expected to reprise in the very near future, after the James Wan-directed solo movie grossed more than a billion at the global box office.

And Game of Thrones? It continues to be the world’s most pirated TV show, and will be back on our screens this coming Sunday.