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Jeffrey Dean Morgan: “I Don’t Know” How The Walking Dead Ends

When asked whether he knows how the show ends, Morgan said he does not and even questioned whether the writers have a firm grasp of it.


If you want to know how the AMC smash hit The Walking Dead ends, don’t bother asking actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the morally checkered Negan in the zombie drama, because he doesn’t know either, apparently.

The first part of a three-part final season of the show will soon be concluding on AMC, with the second and third parts of the extended, 24-episode Season 11 finishing off in 2022. Having recently passed the halfway mark, Season 11 is to continue filming through March 2022.

Talking on The Rich Eisen Show, Morgan explained that he doesn’t know where the story is going or how it will eventually wrap up.

“It’s the last season, and so you know, trying to wrap up an 11-year program that has been such an iconic show for so long. I don’t know how easy of a task that is for our writers and the people well above my pay grade,” Morgan said. “I don’t know where they’re going, and everything’s kind of a surprise to me, every script is something new. So we will see.”

When asked whether he knows how the show ends, Morgan said he does not and even questioned whether the writers have a firm grasp of it.

“They say they know, I don’t know that I believe them. But they say, the showrunner and the writers, say they know. I have no idea. I have asked, and they’re not giving me anything other than the side-eye.”

According to Morgan, it came as a complete surprise for the show’s creative team that Season 11 would be the last for the entire series, according to an interview he did with Collider earlier this year. Since then, he described the creators, including showrunner Angela Kang, as having to “pivot” from mapping out the plot on its own to also wrapping up the entire series when they got the news in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the show coming to a close, we might not necessarily be seeing the end of Negan, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself has stated a desire to continue the role in a sequel or prequel spinoff series. You can catch the next episode of The Walking Dead on AMC or stream it on AMC+ on September 26, 2021.

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