Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says A Negan Spinoff Should Be Walking Dead Sequel


Fans of The Walking Dead have had a love-hate relationship with several characters throughout the series’ history. One character that blurs that line more than most is the bat-wielding bad guy, Negan.

When the character first graced our screens, it was easy to hate him outright. He viciously killed fan favorites and seemed to have no remorse for his actions. Of course, survival during a zombie apocalypse can certainly turn one cold – but this was different. He was enjoying it, feeding off of it.

Over the last few seasons, fans have gotten to know Negan and a bit about what makes him tick. We were given a vulnerable look into his backstory, and the part about Lucille was enough to break your heart. We’ve seen growth in the character in many ways, and that line between love and hate isn’t quite as definite as it once was.

So, as the series winds down – what’s next?

For Negan, hopefully, a spin-off, assuming his character survives. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the character, has an opinion on what that could look like if given a chance. Speaking to TVLine, Morgan had the following to say about what he hopes a spin-off would show fans.

I’ll be very honest with you, if I was to do more, I would like to move forward with the story and not backward. I loved what we showed in ‘Here’s Negan,’ but now we’ve done a lot of that story. We could do a short series on how the Saviors came to be, which would be kind of interesting, but I’m more looking forward. We’ve shown these different sides of Negan over the past few years. Now I’d like to see, after this ends, what happens to him next. I find that possibility to be a lot more interesting than going back in time.

If Negan is still standing when season 11 of The Walking Dead concludes, fans may have a new story to look forward to, maybe a fresh start of sorts. For as excited as Morgan is about the prospect, fans are too; knowing what makes a character tick is essential, but seeing what they do as they develop is a new, exciting prospect.