Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Love To Go Back To Supernatural

Supernatural Season 13

Supernatural Season 13

Honestly, if we’ve learned anything from The CW’s Supernatural, it’s that death doesn’t necessarily mean a character won’t return. Case in point: Bobby bit the bullet back in season 7 and still went on to have a recurring role. And how many times have Sam and Dean Winchester themselves died? Plus, now that the concept of alternate universes has been introduced and wholeheartedly embraced, the possibilities are really endless.

So, aside from Chuck/God, who made his long awaited return in season 11, there’s one other person that fans have been clamoring to see show up at least one more time: John Winchester, as played by The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

As you may recall, finding Dad after he went missing while hunting formed the backbone of season 1. And, after he traded his life for Dean’s at the beginning of season 2, Morgan’s iteration of John wasn’t heard from again after his farewell of sorts in “All Hell Breaks Loose.” True, actor Matt Cohen went on to play a younger version of the character in journeys to the past and what not, but I think we can all agree that it just wasn’t quite the same.

In the time since he departed Supernatural, Morgan’s gone on to seriously boost his geek cred by landing career defining roles in Watchmen and the aforementioned Walking Dead – not to mention possibly adding Flashpoint‘s Thomas Wayne/Batman to his resume before long – but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for one more tour on The CW’s hit show.

Thankfully, the actor himself is willing to come back, as he had the following to say while speaking at a panel during Walker Stalker Cruise:

“If that show ever ends and they’re on like season 400, I said I would love to go back and have some resolution with that character.”

Doing so would fill in the biggest blank, but it all comes down to availability. So, hopefully Morgan finds a bit of free time to make a flight to the series’ home of Vancouver in the near future, as we’d really love to see him return to Supernatural at some point. Wouldn’t you?