Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says Fans Aren’t Ready For A Surprising New Negan In The Walking Dead Season 10


After a couple of years of ruling the roost, Negan took a back seat in The Walking Dead season 9, as the former Savior leader was locked away in a jail cell and Alpha and her Whisperer minions took the role of the series’ latest villains. But expect much more from the character in season 10, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan has promised a “busy year” for Negan and some surprises that fans won’t be prepared for.

Speaking on Sunday’s Walking Dead Season 10 Preview Special, Morgan teased that Negan will continue to be granted slightly more freedom in Alexandria.

“It’s gonna be a really busy year for Negan. He’s been allowed to have a little bit of freedom within the community, and that doesn’t mean a lot, other than the fact that if you think about the fact Negan has been in jail.”

Though he’s not a free man just yet, his freedom will allow him to interact with a wider range of the cast. This was previously teased in the season 10 trailer (above), which shows a tense conversation between Negan and Daryl.

“Now he’s out, and he’s kind of amongst the community. Meanwhile he’s on lockdown at night, so he still sleeps in his jail cell, which I think he’s okay with. But yeah, he’s getting more and more freedom, and with that comes more interactions with some of our favorite actors on this show.”

Finally, Morgan promised that surprises are on the way – but whether that means Negan’s going to find redemption or is going to revert to his old evil ways, he can’t say.

“He’s going to surprise you in ways that you’re not gonna be ready for as an audience. Whether that be good things or downright awful things, that’s the beauty of him. You don’t know what you’re gonna get. That’s why I’m still here, Season 10, as an actor, because how lucky am I?”

When we last saw the character in the season 9 finale, he did something we weren’t expecting of him – when he could have fled and saved his own hide, Negan rescued young Judith from the blizzard. A sign that he’s on his way to becoming a hero? Perhaps. Morgan seems to be suggesting his journey over the next season won’t be so clean cut, though.

Whatever happens, we’re excited to see Negan’s so-called busy year unfold when The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its milestone tenth run on Sunday, October 6th.