Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases That He’s Started Work On The Walking Dead Season 11


Jeffrey Dean Morgan has teased that work is now beginning on the eleventh and final run of The Walking DeadWe haven’t even seen the upcoming six episodes that’ll make up season 10C yet, but it seems production may already be about to commence on the next batch of installments. Not that it’s surprising AMC is getting a head start on it, mind you, as there’s a lot to do before the show is done given that TWD‘s final run is set to be a whopping 22 episodes long.

Morgan took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that he was sitting down, with a coke in front of a fire, to get cracking on the first scripts for season 11. “Back to it,” he wrote in his caption. In an earlier post, he’d shown off the binder containing the scripts, as decorated by his son.

As Morgan’s savvy enough not to take a snap of the scripts themselves, so fans can’t zoom in and find out any info that they shouldn’t yet, there’s not much we can gather from this. Or so you would think. You see, the fact that he’s starting work on the next run in the first place confirms that Negan will not be written out in season 10C and he’ll remain a regular, likely through to the end of the show.

We know that the aforementioned season 10C concludes with “Here’s Negan,” a loose adaptation of the comic spinoff series recounting the ex-villain’s origins. Morgan’s real-life wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan, is appearing in flashbacks as Negan’s late spouse Lucille. Fans had wondered if this episode, where we finally learn his backstory, could act as the finale to the character’s journey, but it looks like we don’t have to worry about that.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for new outings from Sunday, February 28th. Season 11 is then due to kick off sometime in the fall.