Jeffrey Wright confirms he’s had talks to star in ‘The Batman’ spinoff series

the batman commissioner gordon

It’s been almost two years since The Batman‘s first spinoff was announced, with Matt Reeves and Terence Winter revealed to be developing an HBO Max series focusing on the Gotham City Police Department.

Boardwalk Empire creator Winter eventually dropped out to be replaced by Joe Barton in January of last year, but official details remain very hard to come by. The episodic effort will take place one year before the events of the upcoming movie, which places it during Bruce Wayne’s first year on the job as Gotham’s resident vigilante, but Jeffrey Wright has hinted that he could be in line for a role.

While it sounds obvious to assume that a GCPD-centric show would involve Jim Gordon in some fashion, it isn’t a guarantee by any stretch. However, Wright’s comments in a recent interview with the Radio Times could hint that the mustachioed cop will be one of the narrative focal points.

“Well, yeah, there’s been a little talk about that. I do think that the film is going to leave fans longing for more. So if there’s an opportunity to explore more of this specific Gotham in a granular way through a show like that, it’d be very exciting.”

With Colin Farrell also getting his own episodic offshoot and Matt Reeves already discussing sequels with Warner Bros., the expanded universe surrounding The Batman is already beginning to take shape, and the reboot doesn’t even arrive on the big screen until next week.