Jenna Ortega looks drop dead terrifying in new ‘Wednesday’ promo image

Jenn Ortega as Wednesday
Image via Netflix

Jenna Ortega is unequivocally one of the brightest faces in the horror genre — and, apparently, she is continuing her impressive reign in the spooky world with her upcoming role as Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s Wednesday series, which she has displayed beautifully in a new promo image for the Netflix phenomenon. As folks have been made aware, Ortega will be portraying the series’ titular character, with the comedy/horror set to showcase Wednesday’s coming-of-age tale through the eyes of the ever-popular character herself.

The aforementioned image (per Collider), which you can view for yourself down below, depicts Ortega donning Wednesday’s iconic gothic appearance — including her black hair, collared clothing, and nails. Ortega’s arms are also crossed in a coffin-esque position, which further establishes the show’s spooky vibe and borrowed inspiration from The Addams Family franchise.

As if eagle-eyed subscribers weren’t already excited enough about the upcoming project — specifically because of goth king Tim Burton under center — then the newest image will surely give folks a taste of the new series’ authenticity that will allow Ortega to perfectly shine in the role. And based on the looks from the official teaser, the long-awaited series will reach darker heights that have yet to be seen in past films from the franchise — which includes Addams Family veteran Christina Ricci joining the star-studded cast.

Netflix’s Wednesday has yet to announce an official release date, though it’s likely that the series will arrive on the streaming giant around Halloween later this year.