‘The Book of Boba Fett’ fans shocked to spot this ageless ‘Flashdance’ actress

book of boba fett

Long-awaited Disney Plus The Mandalorian spin-off, The Book of Boba Fett, premiered on Wednesday, introducing an entirely new cast of vibrant characters to the Star Wars universe. And though it may have been common knowledge to many dedicated Star Wars fans, casual viewers were pleasantly surprised to see Flashdance actress Jennifer Beals turn up in the premiere.

Beals, who is also known for films such as The Last Days of Disco and Vampires’ Kiss, as well as Showtime series’ The L Word and The L Word: Generation Q; plays a new character named Garsa Fwip, a Twi’lek who runs a cantina in Mos Espa that was once owned by Jabba the Hutt and now belongs to Boba Fett. The Mandalorian was also known for consistently casting outstanding guest stars and cameos — from Rosario Dawson and Amy Sedaris to Timothy Olyphant — and fans were likewise here for Beals’ debut.

Many people on Twitter expressed their shock and excitement for the moment Beals turned up on their television screens.

“Jennifer Beals on this Boba Fett show??” wrote GQ senior entertainment editor Frazier Tharpe II.

“Funny to see a new generation discover a woman I’ve been crushing on since I was seven,” added another user.

Some viewers who hadn’t seen Beals appear in anything in a few decades were shocked at how ageless the 58-year-old looks today. “Paul Rudd has nothing on Jennifer Beals,” tweeted AP film writer Lindsey Bahr, along with a side-by-side comparison.

Then there were the folks who couldn’t bother to contain their thirst for the actress.

“I am attracted to most Twi’leks, but I didn’t expect to be this horny for Jennifer Beals Twi’lek,” admitted writer and director Vera Drew.

Fandom managing editor Eric Goldman evoked Beals’ classic Flashdance scene in reference to her character asking to hose down the Gamorrean guards.

But fan reactions couldn’t even top the surprise of Beals herself, who didn’t initially realize that she was even in The Book of Boba Fett.

“Are you kidding me?” Beals told Variety when asked how much she knew about the character in advance. “I mean, I knew about the character. But this is how good they are at the lockdown of secrets: Even when I first stepped onto the set, I didn’t realize that I was in The Book of Boba Fett. I just knew that I was getting to be part of this story.”

And suffice to say, fans are glad to have her. New episodes of The Book of Boba Fett stream every Wednesday on Disney Plus.