Jennifer Carpenter May Have Teased Her Return In Dexter Revival


Dexter is known to have had one of the most infamous endings in TV history, but this fall Showtime is bringing the serial killer back for another go around to correct the mistakes of the past. And that may include resurrecting a fan favorite character.

A new Instagram post from actress Jennifer Carpenter might tell us that she’s returning as Debra Morgan in the limited series – which is essentially the show’s ninth season. “Work is weird this year. Is there where I say something like- #setlife,” the star wrote in her caption. Though the pic – seen below – doesn’t seem to give anything away at first glance, Dexter fans have noted that Carpenter’s wardrobe here is very reminiscent of Debra, what with her fondness for striped shirts. Plus, some believe the crew member also pictured is wearing a Dexter lanyard. It’s completely possible that Carpenter is simply working on a different production, but the series is known to be shooting right now in Massachusetts.

If we can take this as confirmation that Debra is back – which we really can’t – then that’s big news, as season 8 killed her off, with Dexter taking his sister and kind of lover (yeah, the later runs were weird) off life support as a mercy killing after she was shot and put in a coma. One fan makes a compelling pitch for how Debra could factor into the revival in the comments to Carpenter’s post, though, as they suggest that she may feature in a similar way to Harry, Dexter’s dead adoptive father who often acted as his imaginary moral guide throughout the original run.

Michael C. Hall leads the Dexter revival, with original showrunner Clyde Phillips back as EP. It’ll apparently acknowledge the controversial series finale but also move things in a new direction. And you can expect the 10-episode series to premiere on Showtime sometime later this year.