Jeremy Renner reacts to ‘Ant-Man’ Easter Egg in ‘Hawkeye’


Any Marvel Cinematic Universe project is a veritable treasure trove of winks, nods, references, callbacks and Easter Eggs to the franchise’s past, present and future, which was perfectly encapsulated by the third episode of Hawkeye.

Flashbacks to Echo’s childhood teased the return of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, while Clint Barton’s reflections on the Ronin persona being dead harked back to the events of Avengers: Endgame. Meanwhile, the narrative was propelled forward as Clint and Kate Bishop evaded the Tracksuit Mafia, thanks largely to a selection of trick arrows.

The most prominent was one branded with the logo of Hank Pym’s resizing technology, hinting that the veteran genius has thrown his lot in with the Avengers to supply them with some fancy new toys. Speaking to Marvel, Jeremy Renner offered his thoughts on the latest Hawkeye installment’s Ant-Man Easter Egg.

“If you’re going to have a special tip arrow, it should be a Pym arrow. Because [of Hawkeye’s] relationship with Ant-Man. That was such a cool, cool thing. Now we’re talking; now we’re feeling more Avenger-like.” You don’t really know what’s happening all the time when you’re filming it. When you do see it, like maybe a preview, you think like, wait, what? That’s going to be in the visual effects? And so yeah, that was something I got very, very, very excited about and can’t wait for that to land.”

Director Rhys Thomas revealed that he initially wanted a cameo from Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, but a supersized arrow spearing a moving truck in two was a suitable compromise. Fans are already wondering what other surprises Clint has in his quiver, and maybe we’ll get an answer or two over the next three weeks as Hawkeye races to a thrilling conclusion on the streets of New York City.