Jeremy Renner says he’d love to play Old Man Hawkeye


Ever since Disney acquired Fox and dropped the rights to countless more comic book characters in Kevin Feige’s lap, we’ve been hearing on and off rumors that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was toying with the idea of adapting the fan favorite Old Man Logan storyline for live-action.

While it’s a neat idea on paper, it’s very unlikely that the Mouse House would sign off on it, given that the story is completely insane and features less-than-PG plot points like an incestuous family of hillbilly Hulks. However, during an interview with Jake’s Takes, Jeremy Renner says he’s down with returning in 30 years as an aged version of Hawkeye.

“Yeah, I love it. Old Man Hawkeye. Yeah, I hope I’m a super joyful Hawkeye. If I’m that old, I hope I just forget all the bad things that happen in life, and he’s just happy. He’s happy Hawkeye. He’s 80, he can’t move, he’s got a terrible limp, but he’s so happy!”

In the comic run, Hawkeye is revealed to be one of the last surviving Avengers left in the post-apocalyptic Wastelands, after the majority of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were killed by their cabal of supervillainous adversaries. The expert archer has also gone blind, but he hasn’t lost any of his skills with a bow and arrow.

Renner turned 50 years old earlier this year, so if he’s willing to spend the next three decades waiting for the call once his initial run as Hawkeye draws to a close, then Marvel know they’ve got at least one member of the Phase One Avengers willing to dust themselves off and go again should that Old Man Logan movie ever happen.