Jerome And Poison Ivy Feature In New Extended Promo For Gotham


Not long ago, we were given a definite answer as to when Gotham will return to finish out the remaining eleven episodes of its fourth season. To some, that may not sound like the biggest news, but when you consider that we left off on a cliffhanger that included Jerome Valeska in Arkham Asylum back in December and they failed to give us a return date, well, then you can imagine why the hiatus has been doubly difficult to endure.

So, now that we have less than four weeks to go until showtime, the network is being slightly more generous with an extended promo that clocks in at just over five minutes. Sure, about half of it consists of recap, but that’s actually understandable with three months separating the midseason finale from the midseason premiere.

When it comes to the new material, though, a lot of talk is certain to surround the aforementioned Jerome Valeska, especially since the Joker is expected to make his debut soon enough. And while we’ve been told that he’s not fated to become the Clown Prince of Crime himself, we’re not ruling out a curveball being thrown. Let’s just hope those early fan theories that placed the Penguin evolving into the Joker don’t become reality.

Elsewhere, Peyton List can be seen making her debut as the third iteration of Poison Ivy. Gone is the ambiguous and naive girl that we knew before, seemingly replaced with the full-on villain that we know from comics and animation. Also of note is that her friendship with Selina Kyle may take some new turns.

And speaking of Selina, it looks as though she may patch up things with Bruce Wayne. As we recently learned, the back half of season 4 will see him take great strides toward embracing his destiny of becoming Batman. We’re guessing that the surreal scene in the cave teased by the trailer has something to do with it, but that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Gotham returns with new episodes on Thursday, March 1 on Fox.