Jesse Spencer Returning For House Season 8

The producers of House are breathing a little easier this morning. TVLine reports that Dr. Chase, aka actor Jesse Spencer, has signed up for season eight of the Fox medical drama. Negotiations were tense, especially after after co-star Lisa Edelstein stunned producers by walking away from negotiations back in May.

Jesse Spencer tweeted the news to fans himself, saying “…I’m coming back for House season 8 with a tan and a busted (surf) board.” Spencer has played Dr. Chase on House since the series premiered though he did miss a few episodes during season six after Dr. Chase was fired at the end of season five. Spencer returned as a full time cast member and member of Dr. House’s diagnostics team in season seven.

Still no word on negotiations with fellow cast member Olivia Wilde whose new movie Cowboys and Aliens hits theaters July 29th, less than a week before House is scheduled to go back into production. House producer David Shore told TVLine that he expects Wilde to return as Dr. Remy Hadley, better known as Thirteen.

The show was rocked when Lisa Edelstein announced in May that she would not return as Dr. House’s boss and ex-girlfriend Dr. Cuddy. The series ended on something of  a cliffhanger with Hugh Laurie’s House having drove his car through a wall of Cuddy’s home nearly killing her and guests and then fled to some unknown island. Peter Jacobson who plays Dr. Chris Taub recently told Fox All Access that he has no idea how the series will address House’s crime or Cuddy’s absence.

For her part, Edelstein hasn’t ruled out a cameo but when she’ll be available is in question, Edelstein just wrapped a deal for a role on the Julianna Marguilies drama The Good Wife. Edelstein will play a lawyer and former flame of Josh Charles‘s Will Gardner on The Good Wife when that series returns this fall on CBS.

For now, House fans can rejoice that Dr. Chase is back at Princeton Plainsborough. House returns Monday, October 3rd, in a new timeslot, 9:00 Pm ET, 8:00 Pm CT, on Fox.