Jessica Jones Showrunner On Aftermath Of Kilgrave, Season 2 And The Defenders


Marvel’s Hero for Hire Luke Cage and Iron Fist are currently considered priority over at Netflix, and the company’s superhero slate means that new seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones won’t enter active production until the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen unite for that all-important The Defenders series.

But rest assured new seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones are coming, and during Marvel’s press showcase at the 2016 summer TV Critics’ Association, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg shed new light on the latter.


Joined by executive producer Doug Petrie, the creative pair spoke to IGN about the sophomore outing of the infamous private eye, how Krysten Ritter’s protagonist will be coming to terms in a world sans Kilgrave, and with the prospect of checking in on Alias Investigations after the Defenders crossover event airs.

Perhaps most interesting of all, Rosenberg began by hinting at some of the new characters headed to Jessica Jones. Just don’t expect the series to try and replicate David Tennant’s magnetic, mind-bending villain Kilgrave.

“[There will be] some new characters that are only interesting in how they relate to our existing characters. We can really get into some very interesting aspects of their characters and where they’re from, where they’re going, all these things. I’m super excited about that. David Tennant’s [Kilgrave], we’ll never create that again. That is one of the great iconic characters played by a profoundly talented actor. The objective is not to match that, not to try to do that again.”

Among the returnees is Rachael Taylor as Trish, and the showrunner touched base on developing not only the character itself but her intimate, sisterly relationship with Ritter’s protagonist.

“[There’s] always the promise,” Rosenberg said. “I mean, for me, the character of Trish is so rich, Hellcat or not. She’s already bad-ass. What’s most interesting to me is their relationship. You know, that friendship, that sisterhood. That’s the core of the show. That’s the core relationship of the show.”

Last and certainly not least, The Defenders also became a topic of conversation, with Rosenberg revealing the creative collaboration between two of Netflix’s superhero flagships: “What’s nice for us over on our side of the hall, is if we think — we’re still shaping what we want to do, but we’re like, maybe we can set them up over in The Defenders, let’s go talk to [Defenders showrunners] Doug [Petrie] and Marco [Ramirez], and we’re like, ‘Hey, what do you think about this?'”

Jessica Jones isn’t expected to return until early 2018, when we’ll have already paid a visit to Harlem in Luke Cage (September 30) and been introduced to Danny Rand’s Iron Fist. If you’re itching for new content, know that Netflix is aiming to manufacture it at a faster rate – just so long as it doesn’t compromise quality.

Source: IGN