Jodie Whittaker Says Doctor Who Can’t Please Everyone

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans are a passionate bunch, with each one having their own favorite eras of the show from the past half-century and not caring for others. The Thirteenth Doctor’s era, for example, has proved to be a very divisive one so far. While Jodie Whittaker has proven to be perfect casting, season 11 drew a lot of criticism for various reasons.

Now that the series is back on our screens, the Time Lord herself has addressed the partially negative reception to the last run in a new interview with Radio Times. Whittaker argued that Doctor Who has so much baggage that it can’t cater to all of the fans all of the time and the team behind this era can only make the show they want to make.

“It is a show that’s run for so many years. And with history and hindsight, there’s bits people love, and bits people don’t love. But you can’t cater for all of that. You’ve just got to tell the stories you want to tell.”

The actress then went on to explain that she’s confident in this version of the sci-fi series and has full faith in showrunner Chris Chibnall and his vision.

“Under the leadership with the writers and with [showrunner] Chris Chibnall, we feel like we’re in very safe hands. We’re guided from the point of view of one of the biggest Doctor Who fans I know.”

Doctor Who has been on hiatus for the past year but finally returned yesterday (New Year’s Day) for the opener to season 12. This episode, titled “Spyfall Part 1,” actually seems to have managed to unite much of the fandom in excitement as it featured the shocking return of an iconic villain in a new guise. Sure, there are still those who didn’t like it, but like Whittaker says here, you can’t please everyone. And she’s right.