Joe Russo Offers Update On Magic: The Gathering Netflix Series

Magic the Gathering

Next year is poised to be a big one for fans of the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. The Russo brothers, best known for directing last year’s Avengers: Endgame and other films in Marvel’s shared universe, are on board to executive produce an animated series for Netflix based on the property. And during an interview with Collider on YouTube, Joe Russo had some updates on the brothers’ progress on the new show and where they’re at with it.

Unfortunately, though, he wasn’t able to share any significant details on the MTG series, stating that it’s still in the script stage at this point. Unsurprisingly, he said the animation part of the process takes longer than anything else, and that part seems to be a ways off, all but ensuring that we still have a long time to wait before getting to see the show.

If a placeholder on Netflix from last December proves to be correct, however, that wait may have a general release window. It stated that the series will be released in 2021 and confirmed that the story will be based around the Planeswalkers. Not much else is known about the plot beyond that tidbit, but Wizard of the Coast’s head of story and entertainment, Nic Kelman, told TheWrap last July that the team would be looking to carve their own continuity within the preexisting boundaries of the Magic world.

Elsewhere, Magic: The Gathering was recently hit with some unfortunate news, including a postponement of the new Jumpstart booster packs and a short-term delay of Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths on physical format, which will now release on May 15th, 2020. As for the Netflix series, stay tuned for more information as it continues to develop.