John Barrowman Has Strong Words For Fans Against A Female Doctor Who


Though the vast majority of both hardcore fans and casual viewers of Doctor Who have gotten behind the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor – the first woman Doctor, don’t you know – there are always some that don’t take to change and have reacted negatively to the show having an actress in the lead role. A common criticism from these folks is that they’ll never watch the series again in protest.

Legendary Doctor Who star John Barrowman – known to Whovians as pansexual time agent Captain Jack Harkness – has now offered up his thoughts on these fans who are boycotting the upcoming season 11. At San Diego Comic-Con, he gave a great speech about how people need to give Whittaker’s version of the Time Lord a shot, pointing out that change and regeneration is written into the show’s DNA.

“You know what? People said that on Torchwood when Ianto died. And people still watched. Because they wanted to see where the journey was going. And that’s the thing about Doctor Who. We fall in love with the characters as we step onto the Tardis with them. The Tardis is what takes us on that journey with the Doctor who is a Time Lord. It doesn’t matter when we step in and find out who he’s regenerated into, then we get to know him and we have a little criticism. But then we fall in love. And this time it’s not going to be getting to know a him, we’re getting to know her and she is going to take us on some incredible journeys.”

This is far from the first time that Barrowman has made his support of Whittaker’s casting public, of course, as he’s spoken in defense of the Thirteenth Doctor on many occasions before. He’s even said he would come back to Doctor Who to act opposite her “at the drop of a hat.” However, before you start getting the wrong idea, he’s not returning in season 11. We previously reported on a rumor that Barrowman was back as Jack this year, and the actor took to social media to deny it.

If you’re still on the fence about the Thirteenth Doctor, just watch yesterday’s first proper trailer for Doctor Who season 11 and try not to smile at Jodie Whittaker’s energetic antics, which instantly prove that she already owns the role and is perfect for the part. Like Barrowman says, the new Doctor is going to take us on “some incredible journeys,” and we can’t wait to come along for the ride.