Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Said To Drop This Month, Captain Jack May Return


Jodie Whittaker has now officially been the Doctor since Christmas, and she’s been filming the new season of Doctor Who even longer, but we still have yet to see any actual footage from the next run of the series, which will finally arrive on our screens this October. Thankfully, though, rumor has it that the first teaser could be with us later this month.

A rumor of uncertain origin has snowballed on social media, with it being claimed that the BBC has scheduled the first trailer to land on June 18th. Apparently, it’ll be shown on BBC One following England’s first match in the FIFA World Cup against Tunisia. This would fit with how Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor was announced last July, too, as we initially saw her in a specially-shot promo that was played during the Wimbledon final.

On top of that, some details of the teaser have also been revealed, and they’re very exciting indeed. As this is just our first peek at season 11, the trailer isn’t expected to be that long, with rumors putting it at only 25 seconds in length. However, it will allegedly pack a lot into that truncated time.

One fan who claims to have seen the teaser stated that it also contains shots of not one but two classic monsters in the form of the Daleks and the Sontarans (who were previously revealed to be part of the season). The Thirteenth Doctor will also apparently say the line: “I need you all with me.” Finally, and most excitingly, it’ll allegedly unveil the return of John Barrowman as fan favorite character Captain Jack Harkness.

Of course, as Jack’s return is such an oft-wished thing to happen, this description of the footage could easily be fake news. It does sound like we can reliably expect the Doctor Who season 11 trailer to be with us on June 18th, though, and as soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.