John Travolta In Talks To Play Lead Villain In MacGruber TV Show


John Travolta may be returning to television, as the actor is reportedly in negotiations to play the lead villain in the upcoming series, MacGruber.

The show, which is a continuation of the SNL sketch and then movie, is set to air on NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. Will Forte is returning in the titular role and Jorme Taccone, writer and director of the film, will also be back.

At first glance, Travolta seems like an odd choice. But the actor has certainly struggled to keep his movie career afloat. He’s been relegated to VOD or little seen efforts, with work in such “classics” as Gotti and last year’s notorious The Fanatic. In fact, based on his performance in that, he could fit right in to MacGruber’s over-the-top tone.

After all, if there’s one thing Travolta knows how to do, it’s chew scenery, especially when he’s playing the villain. From Broken Arrow to Face/Off to The Punisher, he seems to relish playing bad guys. And for a taste of what his role in this upcoming show might be like, check out the description below:

The character in MacGruber, Commander Enos Queeth, is a “diabolical villain intent on winning any challenge he faces. He’s smart, cunning, doesn’t have time for bullsh*t and lives to embarrass MacGruber at every opportunity available.”


From what we understand, this new series follows MacGruber after he serves ten years in prison. Upon his release, his mission is to save the world from Queeth, who shares a past with him. Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe, who starred in the movie, will also be back and given that Travolta was in negotiations before the coronavirus pandemic hit, any progress on his casting or the show’s development are now in limbo.

Still, this seems like a good fit for both sides. Val Kilmer famously played the villain in the MacGruber film and he was one of the best parts about it. Seeing movie stars be silly can be gratifying and with the same team behind the camera, Travolta is certainly in good hands.