Johnny Depp Reportedly In Talks To Play Gomez In Tim Burton’s Addams Family Show

Johnny Depp

The working relationship between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp was almost symbiotic at one point, and there was a time when the Batman director barely made a movie without the presence of the actor who he first cast for just the second leading role of his career in 1990’s Edward Scissorhands.

Over the next twelve years, the eccentric duo would collaborate on a further seven feature films that covered everything from biographical comic drama Ed Wood to the billion dollar success of Alice in Wonderland via the lavish period musical Sweeney Todd. However, Burton and Depp haven’t worked together since Dark Shadows underwhelmed both critics and audiences eight years ago.

As soon as it was announced that cinema’s foremost purveyor of Gothic fantasy was working on an episodic reboot of The Addams Family, though, Depp’s name was obviously one of the first to come to mind as patriarch Gomez. And now, the latest rumor claims that he’s in the running for the role, but it should definitely be taken with a grain of salt because the information reportedly comes from sources close to Netflix, and as of yet, the new spin on the beloved property hasn’t officially found a home.

In any case, here’s what Small Screen had to share in regards to what they’ve heard:

“Depp is in talks to star as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family. It was Tim Burton’s idea. It seems as though Netflix are the ones who have to be convinced.”

We know that the aforementioned streaming service are said to be putting together a lucrative package to secure a deal for The Addams Family, and we’ve heard from our own sources that Depp and Burton have at least had a conversation about it. And while it may be a while yet before we get any official confirmation on this, the only project on the former Grindelwald’s calendar is an educational animated show where he voices a puffin based on himself, so finding the time in his schedule to shoot a prestige streaming exclusive under the direction of his old running buddy shouldn’t be too hard to manage.