Jon Bernthal Reportedly Isn’t Done With The Walking Dead Universe Yet


Jon Bernthal may not be done with The Walking Dead universe yet. The Punisher star has gone on to a lot of great projects since his time on the post-apocalyptic drama, but his role as Rick Grimes’ best pal-turned-enemy Shane Walsh is still one of his most popular characters. He last played the part for a cameo in Andrew Lincoln’s final episode in 2018, but he could be back for a bigger chunk of screentime in an upcoming spinoff show.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Ben Affleck is returning as Batman in The Flash and the Fast & Furious franchise is headed into space, both of which were correct – that Bernthal is reprising his role as Shane in Tales of the Walking Dead. For those who missed the news, Tales is an upcoming anthology series that will air following the parent show’s conclusion in 2022.

Unlike the Norman Reedus/Melissa McBride spinoff, this one will focus on different characters, places and periods every week. No specific plot details have been revealed at this early stage, but folks are fully expecting the freedom of the show’s remit to allow fan favorite dead characters to come back. Michael Cudlitz, for instance, has hinted that he’ll be featuring in Tales. And according to our info, Bernthal’s Shane will be another one to get an episode dedicated to him.

We’ve also heard that Sarah Wayne Callies is likewise returning as Lori Grimes for Tales. It’s possible she’ll appear in the same episode as Bernthal, and their story will follow them in the days before Rick woke up from his coma in the pilot. But that’s just speculation at the moment. What we do know is that it’s looking like both former stars of the show will reappear on Tales.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its long-delayed season 10 finale on October 4th.

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