Jon Cryer Reveals New Details On Two And A Half Men Season Nine

Jon Cryer‘s character Alan Harper is becoming the new experienced ladies man on the upcoming ninth season of the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. With the death of Charlie Sheen‘s character Charlie Harper on the anticipated season premiere, Alan will take over his brother’s role of the ladies man.

Jon Cryer revealed Alan’s new position as a ladies man, as well as other details about the upcoming season, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He added that new star Ashton Kutcher has been helping to keep the stress levels on the highly-discussed show low by providing the crew access to his party trailer and massage therapist. Cryer also said that there was some pressure the first few days after Kutcher arrived on-set, but that quickly went away, as he’s willing to do anything for a joke.

Of the new season, Jon Cryer also said he and Ashton Kutcher, who portrays heartbroken internet billionaire Walden Schmidt, are having fun together while filming. The fans who have attended the studio tapings have been embracing the new addition to the cast, and the season premiere won’t be too dark or morbid, even with Charlie’s death. Of the premiere, Cryer added that:

This show has never had an ounce of sentimentality; it’s not what we do. There was a moment in the first season where we tried it, then we realized, no that doesn’t work. This is (handled) with that same lack of sentimentality….the studio audience we had…had a terrific reaction to it.

Cryer did mention that the history of Two and a Half Men won’t go completely away, as Charlie will be mentioned throughout the season.  He added that he knows Alan will be affected by his brother’s death, but he’s not sure how yet, as the producers and writers are being secretive about the upcoming plot-lines. But of the show’s nature, he also said:

If you found it offensive before, it’s still deeply offensive. That’s a promise we made to our audience and we intend to keep it.

What do you think of Two and a Half Men‘s new premise and feel? Will you be watching when season nine premieres on Monday, September 19th?

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