Kathleen Kennedy Rumored To Be Ruining The Mandalorian Season 2

Baby Yoda

The crushing disappointment of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was somewhat tempered by The Mandalorian being so amazing. By stripping Star Wars back to the basics and essentially treating it like a Western, Jon Favreau served up a compact, entertaining and fresh perspective on a galaxy far, far away (as well as a bona fide pop culture phenomenon in Baby Yoda). One thing that was especially refreshing was that the show maintained a small scale and stayed far away from the tangled mythology of the movies.

But the rumor mill is currently spinning a tale of drama during The Mandalorian‘s second season. YouTuber Doomcock (…sigh) is claiming that Kathleen Kennedy is eager to tie the show directly into The Rise of Skywalker and use it to fill in the film’s many plot holes. This would mean the upcoming seasons would explain how Palpatine survived, what he was doing on Exegol, the various clone Snokes he had lying about and so on. Kennedy is also reportedly eager to make Baby Yoda literally a reborn form of Yoda himself, and Favreau and Dave Filoni are battling against her to stop this.

If you ask me, this doesn’t make much sense. I mean, how can Baby Yoda be a reborn Yoda in The Mandalorian when he was born about fifty years before Yoda died? Plus, Yoda himself turned up in The Last Jedi to chat to Luke. My bet is that this story is just a cheap attempt to get some clicks and take a potshot at public enemy no. 1: Kathleen Kennedy.

But guys, you don’t need to make up stuff to make her look bad. Just point to the fact that the Sequel Trilogy was produced without any advance planning, or the production nightmare and box office failure of Solo, or the way other Disney+ Star Wars shows appear trapped in development hell. It’s really not hard to criticize Kennedy and, even better, you can do it through things that have actually happened.