Jon Favreau Was Reportedly On Gina Carano’s Side Before Recent Social Media Posts

Gina Carano

Unless they can’t be bothered posting anything themselves and hire a team to handle it for them, celebrities using social media has given fans better insight into the personalities of the rich and famous to a much greater degree than ever before. It used to be all about tabloid speculation and whispered rumors, but now the news tends to come straight from the horse’s mouth. And in some cases, it can draw plenty of ire, as Gina Carano has found out.

The actress’ online activity drew backlash from a huge number of people, but she wasn’t giving her employers at Disney and Lucasfilm any reason to fire her, other than making her political beliefs abundantly clear. Earlier this week, though, the former Cara Dune finally crossed a line that the studios wouldn’t stand for, and she was dropped from The Mandalorian after drawing direct comparisons between the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany and being a conservative in modern America.

Throughout the constant calls to see her booted from the hit show, Jon Favreau was always said to be supporting her given his apolitical stance. However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Luke Skywalker would be back long before the recent season 2 finale – that Favreau’s backing evaporated the second she made what turned out to be her final incendiary posts as a contracted Lucasfilm talent.

According to our intel, the Iron Man director and Gina Carano were close and he always had her back during the repeated Twitter campaigns against her, but as a Jewish man, The Mandalorian‘s creator and showrunner eventually drew the line, washing his hands of the matter following the posts that ultimately wound up costing her the biggest role of her career.