Jon Favreau Reportedly Planning Star Wars Holiday Special Set In Mandalorian Universe

The Mandalorian

George Lucas might hope that ignoring it and pretending as though it never existed may be enough to make it go away, but the infamous status of the Star Wars Holiday Special has only seen its mystique grow over the last four decades. Lucas has banned it from being broadcast ever again or released on home video, but everyone knows that people want the things they can’t have the most.

C-3PO’s Anthony Daniels has joked that he’s barely recovered from the traumatic experience of starring in it and compared the atmosphere to that of a funeral, while Mark Hamill even asked for a presidential pardon for his involvement. Jon Favreau, meanwhile, admitted in the past that he’d love to make a modern day version of the Holiday Special, but he was beaten to the punch by the LEGO arm of Star Wars, with the irreverent family comedy proving to be a big hit on Disney Plus over the festive season.

However, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that The Mandalorian‘s creator and showrunner is still actively planning his own reinvention of the Star Wars Holiday Special, which will take place in the same universe as his hit TV show. Plot details are non-existent at this stage, but Boba Fett famously made his debut in the original, and given that he’s getting his own spinoff next year, you’d imagine he’d end up being involved once again should the project end up happening.

Between LEGO, the Guardians of the Galaxy and now potentially The Mandalorian, it appears as though the Holiday Special could be making an unexpected comeback, even if the relatively stoic and serious tone of Din Djarin’s adventures makes it more than likely any future Star Wars version would be more than a little tongue in cheek and definitely not official canon.