Josh Groban Joins The Office As Ed Helms’ Brother

Singer Josh Groban has signed on to portray the brother of Ed Helms‘ character Andy Bernard on the upcoming season of NBC’s The Office. This will be his first major live-action television role since he appeared on Ally McBeal ten years ago.

Deadline is reporting that Groban, who has done some voice-over roles and appeared as himself on Glee since his stint on the FOX legal comedy-drama, is the latest member of the Bernard family to be cast on The Office.

Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace were recently cast as Andy’s parents on the long-running hit  comedy series. The news of Groban’s casting also comes after Entertainment Weekly confirmed that James Sapder has joined the cast as Dunder Mifflin’s new CEO, Robert California.

While Groban hasn’t had much acting experience, his casting in The Office will surely help fill the void left by main star Steve Carell, who exited the sitcom last season.

The singer proved his versatility as an actor in his first movie role as Richard, Emma Stone‘s smug lawyer boyfriend in this summer’s romantic comedy-drama Crazy, Stupid Love, which starred Carell in the lead role. I

‘m looking forward to seeing Groban’s comedic acting stint when The Office‘s eight season premieres on September 22 at 9pm. What about you? Looking forward to seeing Groban on the show?