Julia Garner says Ruth Langmore and Anna Delvey would be best friends

From Julia Garner’s perspective, her Ozark and Inventing Anna characters aren’t so different after all, after the actress shared her thoughts about what the interaction between the two unlawful women would be like in an interview with ET Canada.

“I think Ruth and Anna would judge each other in the beginning because they’re from completely different worlds. They would start out not really liking each other but by the end of it maybe they’d be best friends. They both like activating people – that’s what they have in common.”

Garner plays Ruth Langmore in Ozark, a young spitfire with great ambition, but with very few options other than a life of crime with her family. In Inventing Anna, she portrays Anna Delvey, the infamously fraudulent heiress who became an Instagram legend after swindling New York’s elite. 

From the outside, the characters couldn’t be any more dissimilar. Ruth is not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, and one of Anna’s biggest concerns is her expensive lifestyle and appearance. Getting past that, though, they might have more in common beyond the superficial.

Both characters are intelligent, headstrong, and they use their (criminal) skills to get what they want. Had their lives been different, they might’ve ended up doing the same things under those particular circumstances. In season 4 of Ozark, Ruth even ponders why god would build her so smart, but not smart enough to escape her lot in life. If shee did, who’s to say she wouldn’t have become like Delvey?

As nefarious as Anna Delvey was, she was a master at manipulating people and running things. She created a hollow empire by misleading banks, hotels, and influential people to support her misguided aims. Not to be outdone, Ruth has been the leader of her criminal family, and she ran the Missouri Belle riverboat casino (where she actually had to dress the part) for the Byrde family, and she did so successfully.

These two Netflix shows have had immense success. Ozark is a multiple Emmy-winning show, and Garner has won two of her own for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, while Inventing Anna from Shondaland is currently one of the most popular TV shows on the streaming service.

Ozark season 4 part 2 will premiere on April 29, and Inventing Anna is available to stream on Netflix.

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