Juliana Harkavy Teases What’s Next For Team Arrow


With Oliver Queen now being locked up and apparently engaging in nude prison fights, the other members of Team Arrow will obviously have to occupy their time somehow.

Already, we’ve learned that Felicity’s changed her appearance in order to avoid the negative attention that comes with her husband’s incarceration, and that Black Siren will be taking over as Star City’s district attorney. But what of other favorites such as Black Canary, Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific?

Well, when it comes to Black Canary specifically, actress Juliana Harkavy said the following while speaking with ComicBook.com about the new status quo at San Diego Comic-Con:

“Well, everything is a little bit under constraints because of what’s going on with Oliver so it’s definitely going to be there, but they’re going to have to be a little bit crafty in how they go about it.”

If indeed Dinah Drake and her buddies are still engaging in nighttime vigilantism, it’s very possible that their “crafty” methods involve avoiding use of their more flamboyant costumes – at least for the missions taking place off-screen over the summer. I imagine that viewers won’t be as entertained if their superheroes dress like cat burglars for too long this season.

As Harkavy continued, she touched on how the squad and, more specifically, Dinah will get by with Ollie being otherwise indisposed:

“I think everybody kind of has to step up in their own way. In a large part I think that’s what this season is really going to be about like how do we see ourselves as heroes without our leader. It’s going to come in a lot of different forms for Dinah.”

Rest assured that we’ll learn much more once Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.