Harley Quinn Star Says The Show Is Major Female Empowerment


So far, the DC Universe streaming service has managed to impress with live action series such as Titans, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing, with Stargirl also on its way. But when it comes to original programming on the animation side of things, there’s been only Young Justice: Outsiders to satisfy subscribers.

Fortunately, another animated show will soon be added to the tally, as the mature-rated Harley Quinn series will debut before long. Set to star The Big Bang Theory alum Kaley Cuoco in the title role, it’ll follow the former Clown Princess of Crime as she finally breaks free of the Joker’s grip and attempts to take Gotham City for herself.

As you could’ve guessed, this is a big step forward for a character who was once a henchgirl to one of Batman’s most vile rogues. In fact, while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Cuoco commented on how this project is “very progressive,” saying:

“It’s major female empowerment, it’s badass. When I read the script, were you just like ‘yesss’?”

If you watched the accompanying video from ET, then you’d know the person Kaley was talking to was her co-star, Lake Bell. Bell, who voices Poison Ivy, couldn’t help agreeing.

Additionally, it’s worth noting how Cuoco affirmed that the series gets “dirty. Good dirty.” For those of you who’ve read Harley Quinn solo comics published since 2013, you know how this is in keeping with the source material. Though we’ve yet to see if indeed the anti-heroine will slip in any of her signature beaver jokes, the latest trailer rolled out at San Diego Comic-Con guarantees raw language a-plenty.

At the time of this writing, no concrete premiere date for Harley Quinn has been disclosed. Regardless, a fall debut is anticipated.