Katie Cassidy Says Arrow’s Season Finale Is Massive And Insane


Depending on which timezone you live in, most of us are now less than 24 hours away from viewing the season finale of Arrow. Of course, longtime fans know to expect a real barn-burner once mid-May rolls around, but we’ve been receiving constant reassurances in recent weeks indicating that saying something like “it’s about to go down” wouldn’t even be a proper assessment of what we’ll soon witness.

Naturally, people who actually work on the show know what’s on the way better than others, so we have no choice but to take actress Katie Cassidy at her word. In fact, she spoke with ComicBook.com at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville over the weekend, offering this bit of hype:

“Oh gosh! I can’t tell you! It’s all of the things. It’s all of the things, and then leaving you hanging. It’s huge. It’s massive. It’s insane. I don’t know how we shoot this show. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years, but I don’t know how we shoot a movie every 9 days.”

Knowing how this series constantly amazes with the fight choreography and stunts that comprise its action sequences, it’s probably fair to say they essentially shoot a movie every nine days. And while it’s a shame she’s sworn to secrecy when it comes to spoilers, my gut feeling is that the status quo will be radically altered. After all, even Stephen Amell himself has already called it “unapologetic.”

Speaking of which, it’s hard to shake the notion something bad will happen to Quentin Lance, given actor Paul Blackthorne’s upcoming departure. Being aware of this, Cassidy had this to say about Earth-2 Laurel’s not-dad:

“I love Paul so much. He’s such an incredible actor and person. He and I got really close, I think he would probably say I was the closest one to him. So, he’s gone, but I mean…is he really gone?”

Additionally, Katie hopes “that there’s a way to work him back in,” but that’ll all come down to Blackthorne’s availability and willingness to return. Don’t forget, he’s set to star in NBC’s The InBetween next year, so it may be hard for him to book a trip to Star City if that show proves successful.

Be sure to check out the season finale of Arrow this Thursday night on The CW.