Katie Cassidy Breaks The Silence On Arrow’s Cancellation


Though it wasn’t a total shock, as rumors and teases during last year’s crossover suggested that it was coming down the pipeline, DC TV fans were still left heartbroken earlier this week when it was announced that Arrow would be coming to a close after its upcoming eighth season. Star Stephen Amell broke the news and since then, several other actors from the show have shared their responses to the daddy of the Arrowverse coming to a close.

One of those is Katie Cassidy, who took to Instagram this past weekend to break the silence by posting the photo you’ll see in the gallery down below along with the following caption:

The SQUAD! & Forever my FAMILY. I love u. Thank you for inspiring me each & everyday as artists & individuals. You’ve helped shape me into the woman I am today. I will be forever grateful!

As fans will know, the actress has played Laurel Dinah Lance on Arrow ever since its pilot episode. That being said, she hasn’t always portrayed the same Laurel. The original Black Canary was killed off in season 4, but returned shortly after in season 5 as the Earth-2 version, who’s lately been walking a path to redemption. In fact, rumors point to Cassidy actually exiting the Arrowverse after this season, but that remains to be confirmed.

For the time being, it’s nice to see her echoing the same comments as the rest of her co-stars and showing gratitude for having been part of the show. After all, we imagine it must’ve been a pretty special experience for the cast and crew to be involved with Arrow and its tremendous run on The CW and though it’s certainly sad to know that it’ll soon be over, at least we have a good chunk of season 7 and all of season 8 to look forward to, right?

Source: Instagram